Fights With Friends: Help Your Child Learn To Resolve Conflicts

Tale Care
PBS Parents recently posted a great article in their Expert Tips and Advice Area about how to help your children to learn conflict resolution. Many of those conflicts involve their very own friends! The article was written by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD. At Growing Sound we support this research with our BEFORE THE BULLYING Initiative and especially with our award winning CDs TAKE CARE (for children ages 3-6) and EVERYONE IS SOMEONE (For children 7+). There are some great tips in this article and for almost every tip…we’ve got a song. The BEFORE THE BULLYING Initiative created by GROWING SOUND promotes Acceptance, Friendship, Teamwork, Empathy and Responsibility through music, video, performing arts and activities.

Check out the full article here.

You can listen to songs from TAKE CARE here.
You can listen to songs from EVERYONE IS SOMEONE here.
Everyone is Someone