Growing Sound and Highlights Magazine!


It is rare that you meet someone who hasn’t heard of “Highlights Magazine”, right? (First published in 1946 and now surpasses 1 Billion copies in print!) Today Highlights has several other extensions including High-Five Magazine (targeted for children ages 2-6). It’s more than just a magazine-it’s now fully interactive! Yet, these magazines do not carry any third party advertising or commercial activity.

Growing Sound recently partnered with educational consultant Karen Cairone (lead consultant for the Devereux Center for Resilient Children) to provide a song and activity as part of the Parent Guide and Teacher Guide that coordinates with the MAY 2015 issue of High-Five Magazine. A song is suggested, a video link is included of David Kisor performing the song with children at an event, and a download link to the CD on iTunes is included. See below: THE FASTEST WORMS IN THE WORLD.

View the Teacher guide here
View the Parent guide here

Growing Sound is so thrilled to be part of this partnership with Highlights/High-Five. We look forward to exploring other ways to integrate songs for social-emotional learning into the objectives of this award-winning periodical.