Growing Sound Offers “A Musical Solution to Bullying”!

GROWING SOUND, a children’s record label, and publisher, based in the Greater Cincinnati area is pleased to announce the release of their two new CD projects titled: TAKE CARE and EVERYONE IS SOMEONE featuring DAVID KISOR (and Friends). These CD projects feature songs of Acceptance, Friendship, Teamwork, Empathy and Responsibility; all the POSITIVE things that PREVENT bullying.

Just as children are inoculated in their early years against later illness, so too does the development of early social and emotional skills provide a “vaccine” against later behavioral problems such as bullying. These two CDs support teachers’ and parents’ efforts to give children the necessary skills to later become
a good friend, student, spouse, parent and citizen.

Tale CareTAKE CARE (suggested for ages 3-6+) addresses the chain of early prosocial skills that promote positive social and emotional development. Self-awareness leads to self-regulation. Other awareness leads to perspective taking which is the cornerstone of empathy. Learning these early skills greatly reduces the likelihood of bullying and other negative behaviors in childhood. This CD is presented in a variety of musical styles and features a variety of performing artists including David Kisor, Mary Hulefeld, Spring Starr Pillow, and newcomer-Demi Mays, in addition to other guest and children vocalists. Key tracks include “A Little Bit Different, a Lot The Same”, “Sadako’s Song”, “All The Same Inside”, and “You and Me Celebration”.

Everyone is SomeoneEVERYONE IS SOMEONE (suggested for ages 7+) engages children in prosocial skills such as Acceptance, Friendship, Teamwork, Empathy and Responsibility. Compelling songs challenge older children to not only take responsibility for their own actions, but to also “own” the outcomes of their social world. Children become aware that they are either the obstacle to or the solution for making their world a place of peace and love. This CD is presented in a contemporary pop/rock musical style and features a variety of performing artists including David Kisor, Spring Starr Pillow, newcomers Demi Mays and Jennifer Ellis and guest performer, Kelly Richey. Key tracks include “Take the Bull out of Bullying”, “What If Everyone Did It Too?”, and “The Whole World’s Watching”.

In 2013, GROWING SOUND will also introduce a workshop/training, and elementary school-age assembly program titled: Promote Friendship!Prevent Bullying!, in addition to a resource manual, a curriculum kit and other support materials.TAKE CARE and EVERYONE IS SOMEONE is available through the GROWING SOUND website, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and through Select Retailers.

GROWING SOUND is the social enterprise division of Children, Inc. GROWING SOUND develops music and other products that translate key findings from recent child development research into practical and entertaining products for teachers, parents, and children. GROWING SOUND products stimulate social and emotional development in a way that is fun for children. While many products focus on managing children’s behavior problems, GROWING SOUND is a proactive, strength-based approach to helping children discover the goodness in their lives and within themselves. For more information visit

Contact: Alyson Bleistine: Director Sales & Marketing (859) 431-2075 x 116