Preschoolers and Praise

“Preschool children are in the early stages of developing their self concept — their mental picture of who they are, what they can do, and who they are capable of becoming. During this pivotal time, the language parents and educators use with preschoolers — particularly when they face challenges or struggle to learn new skills — can help them shape a healthy mental model of how people learn and grow.” This is just an excerpt from an excellent article published in MINDSHIFT that focuses on early childhood development and exactly what kinds of messages help kids grow. Check out the full article here.

Although we don’t have Sesame Street characters or a musical celebrity like Janell Monae to help tell our message…we do have MANY songs in the GROWING SOUND catalog that focus on the topics mentioned in this article. Songs like FIGURE IT OUT from our TOUGH STUFF CD (which btw won the Growth Mindset Award from Dr Carol Dweck) is a great example.