“Sensitive Caregiving”



A longitudinal study by researchers at the University of Minnesota and others published in the current issue of Child Development demonstrate that “sensitive caregiving” by parents in the first three years of life predict social functioning and academic success all the way into adulthood.  They define sensitive care giving as: 1) a Responding to a child’s signals appropriately and promptly; 2) Being positively involved in interactions with the child; 3) Providing a secure base for the child’s exploration of the environment.

Growing Sound has many great songs that address “sensitive” care giving including “I’ve Had Enough-I Want Some More” (from the Beautiful Baby, Wonderful Child CD), “Cause I Love It” (from the Dandelion CD), and “Wide Open” (from the Here, Now Know-How CD). Listen to our songs on our Music & More Page (click on each CD to hear the full song), create your own playlist for “sensitive caregiving” and download them at iTunes, CD Baby or Amazonmp3.