Some Ways to Use Music in the Classroom

musical chairsMusic just makes teaching and learning more enjoyable! Below are some suggestions on how you can incorporate music into your lesson plans! ENJOY!

  • Learning How to Listen – Make a worksheet with words missing and have students listen and fill in the missing words as they are listening to the music.
  • Try some chanting – Chants are strong language learning activities and they get students involved.
  • Focus Your Class – Research suggests that students perform tasks where concentration is required, better with music playing in the background. 
  • Engagement – Introduce a lesson through music. It’s all about finding the right song for what you are teaching. 
  • Class Timer – Playing a song is a great way to indicate when to start and when to finish
  • Create Class Atmosphere – Songs and music are socially loaded and bring people together in a powerful way.
  • Setting Up Discussions – Songs are a great way to introduce a topic and get students “emotional” and ready to voice their feeling and opinions.
  • Musical Chairs – Just get a great song or two to keep things moving along.
  • Act Out The Songs – Students naturally want to act out, mime and play parts in a song
  • Writing Prompt – Music provides powerful imagery. Listen to the music and then write something based on it’s theme.
  • Learn About a Topic – There are so many educational songs, teaching students about a topic.
  • Draw It – Play a song and as students listen to it, have them draw what they feel, see, think, understand.

This list was inspired by ideas from a great article we found online called 50 ways to use music and song in the classroom by David Deubelbeiss

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