Students Who Are Involved in Music Generally Test Higher Than Those Who Are Not!

Music in Schools

We’d like to share the highlights of an article we found on SmartBlog on Education called Music education for the classroom teacher By Rourke O’Brien

In a new study by UCLA professor James Catterall, an analysis of a U.S. Department of Education database called NELLs88 was used to track more than 25,000 students over a period of 10 years. From the information in the database, Catterall found that regardless of socioeconomic background, music-making students get higher marks on standardized tests and.that students who were involved in music generally tested higher than those who did not. This was true not just for standardized tests but also for reading proficiency exams. 

Ways Educators Can Use Music to Enhance Learning…

  1. Incorporate Music Wherever You Can No Matter Your Musical Abilities. Students don’t care how well teachers sing or dance. Have them follow along with teachers singing simple songs and get them involved in singing along.
  2. Learn to Play an Instrument. Learn a few chords on a ukulele and amazing things can happen! You’re doing it for the kids, not be the next chart’s topper!
  3. Simple Instruments Will Do.  Egg shakers, rhythm ticks, slide whistles or hand drums will be enough to get the kids to understand music.
  4. Puppets! Young children love puppets! Have different puppets with different types of sounds.
  5. Buy Some Music CD’s and Have Your Class Sing Along. Make sure the songs are age appropriate and don’t worry about playing the same songs too many times.
  6. Use Crowd Funding Sites to Raise Money.  Look into using websites, such as Donors Choose or Adopt-A-Classroom if you need to raise some money to incorporate music into your curriculum.

It’s not just for the fun, it’s for the results you’ll be seeing in test scores and overall proficiency!

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