Hello California! We’ve been waiting for you.

EdSource (Highlighting Strategies for Student Success) recently published an article penned by Jane Meredith Adams titled “Understanding social and emotional learning: a quick guide”. According to the article, “To improve education, California is asking schools to improve the way they meet the emotional as well as the academic needs of students.” We are so grateful [Read More…]

Social-Emotional Learning Pays Off

We were thrilled to read this article recently posted in Education Week. According to Timothy Shriver and John Bridgeland…”Schools can no longer overlook the benefits associated with social and emotional learning.” Check out the full article here. http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2015/02/26/social-emotional-learning-pays-off.html?tkn=QZOF9laQUXWgGDL%2FKWrRcwyqPOLWKhdgM9mR&intc=es Remember that the Growing Sound: SONGS OF RESILIENCE Series is a great introduction to Social and Emotional [Read More…]