Why Preschool is the Most Important Year In a Child’s Development

A recent article published on September 15, 2017 on Mindshift penned by Deborah Farmer Kris does a great job of highlighting the value and importance of publicly funded PreK programs-but most importantly that “QUALITY” is what really matters. You can read through the full article here, but pay close attention to the last paragraph about investing in “Teacher Training”.

Since 2007, GROWING SOUND has trained close to 80K teachers, parents, home visitors, administrators and other professionals on how to use songs to promote positive social-emotional learning in the classroom and at home. We have over a dozen topics covering areas such as RESILIENCE, POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, MASTERY MOTIVATION, MINDFULNESS and more. Our team of professional specialty trainers (led by Mr David Kisor) offer interactive workshops using music, video, powerpoint, handouts, group activities, discussion and more. Now, several of our topics also include FREE resources that coordinate with a particular training topic. Learn more about our trainers here, and contact alyb@growingsound.com to start a conversation about bring a training to your PreK program.