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Using the Power of Music to Build Social and Emotional Skills

Growing Sound was developed to create music and other products that translate key findings from recent child development research into practical and entertaining products for teachers, parents, and children. As genuine breakthroughs in child development research increase there is a widening gap between what researchers know and what many parents and teachers practice. Parents and teachers want to optimize their child’s development but they lack the time and expertise to digest the growing volume of research. Growing Sound answers this need by providing a line of products that distills the research into practical and fun activities for home and school. Learn More

Music & More

I Can Settle Down

GROWING SOUND CDs are based on the latest research in social & emotional development but are FUN too! We have received numerous awards for our products including Teachers Choice Award, Oppenheim Award, and more. Learn More

Artist & Trainers

Artists and Trainers

Looking for a specialty trainer for an upcoming conference, workshop or professional development training? Looking for someone to sing with the children at a school or community concert? GROWING SOUND has you covered! Learn More

Concerts & Workshops

Conferences and Workshops

Since 2007, GROWING SOUND has helped educate thousands of teachers, caregivers and administrators on the power of music to build positive social and emotional skills in the classroom and beyond with our interactive conference presentations and trainings. Learn More