The Big Idea

Using the Power of Music to Build Social and Emotional Skills

GROWING SOUND develops music and other products that translate key findings from recent child development research into practical and entertaining products for teachers, parents and children. As genuine breakthroughs in child development research increase there is a widening gap between what researchers know and what many parents and teachers practice. Parents and teachers want to optimize their child’s development but they lack the time and expertise to digest the growing volume of research. GROWING SOUND answers this need by providing a line of products that distills the research into practical and fun activities for home and school.

Kids love our interactive and fun music. Parents love GROWING SOUND songs because they help teach children key skills that make them “ready for school” and “ready for life”. Teachers love our music because it helps them implement social/emotional concepts that are part of classroom curriculum.

Growing Sound - The Big Idea


Research findings are clear.  Early social and emotional learning is a key to academic and life success.  Self-awareness, self-assertion and self-regulation are precursors for confidence and competence in defining our role in our world.  Other awareness, perspective taking and empathy are the building blocks of friendship and intimacy.  New research provides insight about intentionally developing these skills in young children.  Our “self-talk” songs help children internalize a positive dialogue about themselves, other people and the world.  Our “experiential” songs help children experience and practice the emotional control skills we want them to learn.  Our “story” songs help them step into the shoes of another and begin the essential skill of empathy.  Finally, “concept” songs help teach more abstract social skills.  At GROWING SOUND we combine the research on music as a powerful teaching modality with the emerging research on social and emotional learning to provide teachers, and parents, a potent tool kit for optimizing their children’s development.

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