The Big Idea

Using the Power of Songs to Build Social and Emotional Skills

GROWING SOUND produces songs that translate key findings from recent child development research into growth tools for teachers, parents and children. Parents and teachers want to optimize their child’s development but sometimes lack the time and expertise to digest the growing volume of research. GROWING SOUND uses words and music to distill the research into practical and fun songs and activities for home and school.

  • Kids love our songs because it feels like play.
  • Parents love our songs because they help teach children key skills that make them “ready for school” and “ready for life”.
  • Teachers love our songs because it helps them implement social/emotional concepts that are part of classroom curriculum.

Growing Sound - The Big Idea


Social and emotional learning is a key to academic and life success. These attitudes and skills grow from the inside out. 

  • Confidence and competence start with Self-awareness and Self-regulation
  • Awareness of Others, Perspective Taking and Empathy are the building blocks of friendship, intimacy and healthy social interaction.  
  • Responsibility for self and others is the result.

Access the CASEL (the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) framework for SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) here.   


  • Self-Talk Songs help children internalize a positive messages about themselves, other people and the world through “I” statements.  
  • Experiential Songs help children experience and practice self regulation and control by doing what is being sung about as they sing the song. 
  • Story Songs help children imagine the mind and emotions of another and begin the essential skill of empathy. 
  • Concept Songs help introduce more abstract social skills that may counter intuitive.

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