Resource Manuals

All GROWING SOUND Resource Manuals include: 

  • Interactive strategies and activities that parents and educators can implement in their classrooms or at home. 
  • Explanations of the research and the purpose behind the songs. 
  • How and when to use the song
  • Dance and Movement suggestions.
  • Sheet music and lyrics. 
  • The instrumental tracks of each song, without the lead vocals, so you can do your own karaoke!

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Feeling Positive
msrp $39.95


Here Now Know-How
msrp $39.95


Imagination Generation
msrp $39.95


New Day
msrp $39.95

Music in My MouthMusic In My Mouth
Songs for Speech and Language Skills
msrp $29.95
Before the Bullying - PlaylistBook Before The Bullying PLAYLIST
sheet Music and lyrics
msrp $24.95
Before the Bullying - OnStageBefore The Bullying
ONSTAGE interactive performing arts

msrp $179.95
Before the Bullying - AfterSchoolBefore The Bullying
A.F.T.E.R. School Program
msrp $39.95
Before the Bullying - ClassroomBefore The Bullying
CLASSROOM Activities
msrp $36.95

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