All GROWING SOUND Resource Manuals include interactive strategies and activities that parents and educators can implement in their classrooms or at home, explanations of the research behind the songs to help maximize the experience, sheet music and lyrics, full music CD with instrumental/karaoke versions of each song, and more.

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Feeling Positive
msrp $39.95


Here Now Know-How
msrp $39.95


Imagination Generation
msrp $39.95


New Day
msrp $39.95

Music in My MouthMusic In My Mouth
Songs for Speech and Language Skills
msrp $29.95
Before the Bullying - PlaylistBook Before The Bullying PLAYLIST
sheet Music and lyrics
msrp $24.95
Before the Bullying - OnStageBefore The Bullying
ONSTAGE interactive performing arts

msrp $179.95
Before the Bullying - AfterSchoolBefore The Bullying
A.F.T.E.R. School Program
msrp $39.95
Before the Bullying - ClassroomBefore The Bullying
CLASSROOM Activities
msrp $36.95

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