Creativity is the Skill of the Future published a great article by Anna Powers identifying “Creativity” as the skill of the future. Powers looks at technology as a major driving force to our world today, but it is the following few lines that speak the most to us here at GROWING SOUND. “Ultimately a computer lacks imagination or creativity to dream up a vision for the future. It lacks the emotional competent that a human being has. Thus, creativity will be the skill of the future.” Check out the full article here.

Our IMAGINATION GENERATION CD is filled with songs about creativity. It identifies persons who excelled at creativity. It helps to remind us that our imagination is both a toy and a tool. We can have fun with our imagination creating worlds that are wacky and wonderful. And, we can use our imagination to craft creative solutions to complex problems. Our greatest satisfaction comes when we are able to combine the two.

Did you know that GROWING SOUND offers an interactive student workshop that focuses around the songs on our IMAGINATION GENERATION project? You can write to us and ask for details.
Did you know we have a coordinating resource manual for our IMAGINATION GENERATION project as well? Filled with coordinating activities, dance movements, ideas for partnering with families, suggested books to read, sheet music, karoake tracks and more. Discounted bulk pricing available for schools and organizations.