We Are Making Music That Helps Children Become Good Neighbors…


A bunch of us on the Growing Sound team grew up with the principles often taught by the late-great FRED ROGERS. We learned so much about critical social and emotional skills that are still with us today. FRED ROGERS did great work that impacted our nation, but it was the work that he did in his own “neighborhood” that truly made the difference. We think “Mr. Rogers” would be so proud of the work GROWING SOUND does with our music and our mission.

A Great Article About Mr. Rodgers…

We recently came across this great article on Mindful.org written by Shea Tuttle. We just had to share. Thank you Mr. Rogers for teaching us so much. We are forever grateful. Read the full article here.

Music That Helps Children Become Good Neighbors

The Big Idea is to use the power of music to build social and emotional skills. GROWING SOUND develops music and other products that translate key findings from recent child development research into practical and entertaining products for teachers, parents and children. As genuine breakthroughs in child development research increase there is a widening gap between what researchers know and what many parents and teachers practice. Parents and teachers want to optimize their child’s development but they lack the time and expertise to digest the growing volume of research. GROWING SOUND answers this need by providing a line of products that distills the research into practical and fun activities for home and school. Kids love our interactive and fun music. Parents love GROWING SOUND songs because they help teach children key skills that make them “ready for school” and “ready for life”. Teachers love our music because it helps them implement social/emotional concepts that are part of classroom curriculum.

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Growing Sound creates songs that promote positive social and emotional learning for children birth to 3 grade! We also offer LIVE interactive events and professional development workshops, and licensing opportunities. Partner with us and make an impact!
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